Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

Collection was modified exception

I saw some pretty strange solutions for this problem, most of all, ones which involve a "helper" list to store the items to remove... this of course is overkill (memory and cpu wise - think of collections with a million items ...)

Here's how to do it:
for (int i = pageList.Count; i-- > 0; )
    if (itemsToRemoveList.Contains(mainList[i]))

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Antonia Jane Chords

Hello Everybody :-)

Maybe you know the canadian Rock-Band Lightning Dust... If not, I guess you've seen the great video on youtube where brian fallon of The Gaslight Anthem performs this song. If you don't know who Lightning Dust is, check them out and if you like it - also give Balck Mountain a try (Lightning Dust - Amber Webber and Joshua Wells - are both core members of this GREAT band).

Oukey, here are the chords (and I really, really hope there's not gonna be any whining about copyright shit. Music is art, art is culture and culture belongs to the society).

Support the artist: Go to the shows, buy your CD's there (and from Indie Labels).

Intro: Play around D

Did you ever come close to home?

Riding the tide of the silver line,

Maybe dress them up in ribbon and golds,

Never fall back into the one you love,

Pick pocket lady with her mind on you,

She'll break a million hearts until she makes it through,

    G            D       A
But I declare a war on you,

        D    A
Someday soon

Hiding with the border skies,

Lead down ditches on the side of the road,

Be careful you don't look to the sun,

Lazy head lions you'll get fed to the wolves,

So rally up the soldiers there's a war to win,

If hearts can't be alarmed I can't let em win,

    G                D        A
But I would give it all for you,

        D    A
Someday soon

        D    G
Someday soon

        D    A
Someday soon

Bury all the silver and gold, 

We can walk to the top and look down at it all,

What happens when the feelings gone?

It's a love angel with the wings cut off,

So the parents tell the children 'That's no way to live'

So we capture what we're after left of the rest of them,

  G                  D       A
Antonia Jane will rise again

Give them a watch on youtube, they seem to be quite a fun bunch :-)

Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Public Signage

Here are some pictures of public signage (since they're taken in switzerland, they're either german or french).

Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Winter's Heart

Hey everyone, well if your not as lucky as everyone on the southern hemisphere, you're stuck in winter right now. Here are some pictures (go one and use them as wallpaper or whatever ...) of this icy menace.

Uuuuultra high-res download:

Smaller 'previews'

Wallpaper Saturday

And here are some (well, there are exactly six) wallpapers (photos I took last summer). I hope you like them.

It's Mikee hanging out.

An ear of corn (at least I hope it's really called an "ear").

A flower. Yay.

 Another flower, with a drop of water on it.

I have no idea what those are called (in english).

 Aaand another flower (a rose this time).