Blonskij is a easy to use and simple learning tool that works like old school flashcards. The best thing about it, you can import a simple Excel sheet

Pavel Petrowitv Blonskij was a sovjet pedagogue. Blonskij identified his objective as the implementation of student centred polytechnic education for children. He believed that pedagogical considerations should take preference over economic concerns. Basing his work on Marx, he believed work to be a process between man and nature. The goal of Blonskijs schools was to combine intellectual and social education. He regarded work and intellectual work as equal.

How to install Blonskij?
You can download the Windows installation file from here. After downloading just follow the installation instructions. An example Excel file can be found here.

Editing an Excel file for Blonskij
Blonskij will search your Excel file for a Sheet named Blonskij. You can simply name a sheet by double-klicking on it's tab.

If the Excel file doesn't have a Sheet named Blonskij, the loading of the file will fail. If you have other sheets in your Excel file, the data in those won't be compromised.

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