Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

Ugly java UI of the month: June

Remember Azureus? This nice BitTorrent client has been there long before my current favourite uTorrent (you should get uTorrent, it's small, easy to use and quite well coded). Like all good things Azureus came to an end when they renamed it to Vuze, bloated it with stuff no one (at least I hope no one) uses and made Shitware out of it. Now it has an integrated high def (wow) player and shitty rss stuff. For $24.99 it even comes with DVD bruning and built-in antivirus protection. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT.

But that's not the worst of it, because features can be turned off (at least I hope one can turn of Built-In antivirus protection, since wow.. I already have anti-virus software installed). No, the worst thing is the fugly User Interface. The UI of Vuze literally looks like Apple puked all over it. Or maybe Azureus got drunk and met iTunes in a dark backyard.

Just look at it, doesn't this remind you of ugly iTunes? Well I wont get into iTunes now, because it's the worst Shitware out there. But why do UI designers like this lame iTunes style that much? I don't know... maybe because they don't get screwed by Apple like developers do. iTunes and Vuze kinda look like Pampers meets a drunk bum-version of the guy who designs CD covers for MUSE.


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