Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010


Ok... here' another small and easy to use JQuery plugin. It's a menu that looks like those nice big Web2.0 service website-menus.

Here we go with a short Demonstration, give it a try and Download the plugin if you like what you see.

There are a few options, they're pretty easy to use, so go ahead and play with them.

orientation: 'left',
        backgroundCssClass : 'micromenu-background',
        hoverCssClass : 'micromenu-hover',
        hasChildCssClass : 'micromenu-has-child',
        childCssClass : 'micromenu-child',
        childWidth : 400,
        childHeight : 200,
        showAnimation : function(obj) { },
        hideAnimation : function(obj) { obj.hide() }

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