Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Ugly Java UI of the month: May

Well I start a nice column this month. I'd like to make anyone aware of the shockingly ugly Java Applications that torture our eyes and our screens since the dawn of the Internet. Actually even longer. Java was developed in the mid 90ies - by Sun. Yeah right Sun. Not the newspaper, no, the company that recently got bought by Oracle... Just to do some DBMS Ranting as well, I hate Oracle DB's as they are generally a very, very big pain in the ass. So maybe there will be a JAVA-ORACLE-DBMS hybrid soon, I'd call it MEGAGAMERA, after the Japanese movie monster Gamera - because it would look like shit (java) and be as big a thing as an upgrade or a migration of a ORACLE database (yeah, it's easier to print your data and let students type in record by record into your new database).

Oh well, heres the ugly java application of the month. Actually, I don't even know if it's still in use... maybe in development countries? Yeah.. Limewire, here we go.

... if it wasn't pink, it would look even worse. Especially the tabs, you know.. 'round 100 years into the future... when we will have usable e-paper... I'm sure Java tabs will still look like shit.

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